Keeping Your Car Safe This Christmas

With temperatures dropping the force is reminding motorists not to leave their cars unattended while windscreens defrost, as some drivers switch their engines and heaters on and return to their homes during cold weather, which can make it easier for opportunist thieves to steal vehicles.

The force is urging motorists to leave extra time to go outside and de-ice their windows themselves, rather than leaving their car unlocked and the engine running.

You might only pop inside for a moment, but that’s long enough for someone to steal your car if you’ve left your keys in there.

Other ways to keep your car safe this Christmas are:

  • Don’t leave presents, valuables or your shopping on display if your car is unattended
  • Don’t just rely on remotely locking your car with the key fob – double check by testing the door handles before walking away
  • Don’t store store tools and other equipment in your vehicle – store them in a safe and secure place overnight
  • Do park in well-lit, populated areas, and look for ‘ParkMark’ accreditation signage at council car parks
  • Do boost your vehicle’s security by using a steering wheel lock and setting your car’s immobiliser and alarm
  • Do protect your number plate by replacing screws with clutch-head screws which can only be turned clockwise with a screwdriver. Stick on number plates can be replaced with tamper-proof versions that disintegrate if pulled away from a car bumper

Index plate screw kits are available from Bedfordshire Police – please email with your name, address and the number of kits you need (maximum of 3 per person).

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