BABUS Newsletter 29, and Notice of 2016 Annual General Meeting

Hello everyone,

BABUS Newsletter 29 was recently completed, and is now ready to be downloaded.

Click here for the Click to download PDF, or click here for the interactive version.

The Newsletter also includes notice of our 2016 Annual General Meeting, which will be held at Bedford Central Library on Saturday 2nd July 2016. You can find full details of our Annual General Meeting in the Newsletter. You can also print out additional copies of the AGM papers or download more posters here.

As this includes a Notice of our Annual General Meeting, every member will get a printed copy of this Notice, as part of the Newsletter, together with a renewal form where required. These are expected to follow in the post one week from today. Should you wish to renew before you get the hard copies, you can print your own copy here, or renew online here.

Kind regards,
Suzy Scott
BABUS Communications Officer

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