Planned Road Works – Mill Road 28/29th Jan 2016

Further to the recent resurfacing works in Mill Road, Sharnbrook, unfortunately some of the asphalt material has been identified as being not to specification; indeed you may have noticed some ‘shiny’ patches on the road surface.

Our contractor needs to replace the road surface on the section of Mill Road under the railway bridge. This work is being undertaken at our contractor’s expense. This work is planned to take place on 28th & 29th January 2016 with works starting at 9am each day. This work should only take two days to complete; however should this change notices on site will provide the most up to date information.

In order to allow us to carry out the work quickly and safely it will be necessary for us to close Mill Road to traffic from the A6 roundabout to its junction with Templars Way.

The road closure will be in place between 9am and 6pm. In order to access all areas to be resurfaced we must insist that no vehicles are parked on the highway during the road closure period on the days mentioned above. Please note that should there be obstructive vehicles left on the highway, whilst every attempt will be made to contact the owner, they will be moved to ensure the work can be carried out efficiently. The Council can recharge the cost of moving an obstructive vehicle to the owner.

Wherever possible access to your property or business will be allowed. There may be delays whilst plant and materials are moved or carriageway surfacing is implemented. Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times. If access is granted through the closure please ensure you follow all instructions given and take care and keep speed to a minimum to protect the safety of the operatives on site. Please note that the materials used in resurfacing are hot until cured therefore care should be taken at all times during the works.
All moving plant and lorries are fitted with reversing beepers and flashing lights for the safety of operatives and the public. The equipment and plant used for road resurfacing includes a cold milling machine, a paving machine, the use of engine powered saws and pneumatic drills, and will require a number of lorry movements. This means that some noise disturbance is unavoidable. We understand the inevitable inconvenience this is likely to cause for this limited time, and apologise in advance for any disturbance, we ask for your help and goodwill whilst work is in progress..

Stewart Briggs Executive Director for Environment and Sustainable Communities

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