Westwood Anaerobic Digester

Westwood Anaerobic Digestion own and operate the plant located near Rushden which recycles food waste to produce renewable electricity for the national grid and have advised of the following – one of the products of the anaerobic digestion process is a biofertiliser which helps to grow local crops. This biofertiliser is rich in nutrients and is applied to the farmland surrounding the plant by our sister company Bedfordia Farms.

We spread the biofertiliser twice a year and are now approaching the first spreading season and will, therefore, be applying fertiliser to the fields in your area in the coming weeks. Every effort will be made to ensure minimal disturbance to local residents.

How is it spread and will it smell?
We spread the biofertiliser using an applicator which trails the product directly onto the soil for maximum crop growth and to minimise the impact of any odour. In certain areas we will be using an applicator which allows the fertiliser to be injected under the soil surface. The biofertiliser has an odour, as does any other fertiliser or manure. Weather conditions play an important role in odour management and every effort will be made to ensure that spreading will only take place under favourable weather conditions. These will be continually monitored throughout the spreading period.

Why use biofertiliser?
This type of fertiliser is better for the crop and better for the environment as it replaces the need for chemical based fertilisers. In Autumn 2013, the biofertiliser produced at the Westwood plant was certified under an industry wide standard by Organic Farmers and Growers to be of a consistent quality under the BSI PAS 110 scheme. This means that the product has met a series of tests which prove the quality and agronomic benefits of our biofertiliser.

We are committed to being the best neighbour we can be and take your concerns seriously. Over past years we have invested a considerable amount on measures to improve fertiliser spreading and reduce odour and will continue to look at how we can improve in this area.

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